Explicit Boudoir Photography

Explicit & Boudoir

The unique crackle at nude photo shoots

Glamorous, elegant, sensual, sexy: people photographer Ines Thomsen stages aesthetic explicit and boudoir scenes for which she skillfully combines effective elements of portrait, glamour, high fashion and fine art photography. In order to capture the special crackling during every nude or couple shoot, she creates a place of intimacy and privacy in the photo studio as well as on location, where people can move freely and casually in front of their camera.

Couple shoots with sensitivity instead of posterity

In couples shootings, Ines Thomsen is always a big concern not to express intimacy. In order to allow the viewer room to interpret the scene, she creates a mysterious, sparkling or exciting mood in a sensitive way. Depending on your desire, it captures the actual intimacy between two people with a lot of sensitivity, or subtly interprets it through the magical play of light and shadow.

Authentic nude and couple photos convey emotions

In order to create authenticity during nude and couple shoots, Ines Thomsen slowly approaches the desired Explicit or Boudoir motif from the initial portrait image. It is especially important for the People photographer to make people feel comfortable and safe in front of their camera – because only then can they fall and let their emotions run wild. The result is images that instantly touch and honestly convey real emotions.