Kidsfashion Photography


Children's photography is the highest discipline in people photography

It is the lightness, innocence and spontaneity of children that make children's photography a very special field of activity for Ines Thomsen. The boldness and carelessness with which the little ones move in front of the camera always create magical moments, which the children's photographer captures playfully. To do this, she meets her young photo models in the truest sense of the word at eye level, shows them all the equipment and, if possible, even lets them take pictures with them. In doing so, she gives the children great confidence and a real experience of success right at the beginning of each shoot.

As a child photographer, you create trust and give security

The safety that Ines Thomsen imparts to the children immediately strengthens their self-confidence and motivates them to move freely and casually both in the photo studio and on set. With a lot of patience, an extra dose of fun and a lot of understanding, the People photographer wins every child's heart within a very short time. And this effort pays off because the result is images that capture true joy and convey real emotions.

Visible joy is the guarantee of success for children's campaigns

 It is precisely these positive feelings that are crucial for children's fashion campaigns. The joy and fun are felt and become visible in the pictures of Ines Thomsen is directly linked to the product or the fashion label and triggers these same emotions for the viewer. The individual brand DNA is always staged precisely and presented with great attention.