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Professional photoshoot for more likes, followers and brand awareness

It is the capital of every fashion blogger and lifestyle brand: the perfect visual language! Because those who manage to inspire their audience visually, again and again, create a casual emotional connection. And that's exactly what provides a lot of likes and a strong brand awareness, among other things. In order to establish these visually supported relationships and to meet the high demands of attentive viewers and followers, a professional photoshoot is a prerequisite. 

Successful lifestyle photography is therefore described by Ines Thomsen as the art of capturing the events of everyday life – because it is usually the very small moments that trigger very big emotions. In creative, stylish settings, she documents the natural reactions of her models. With her zeitgeisty images, the social media affine People photographer creates a particularly high attention factor, which leads to seemingly self-evident interactions in both online and print campaigns.


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Perfect timing for perfect sports photography

For Ines Thomsen, one of the most exciting and challenging types of lifestyle photography is sports photography, which requires a very special kind of planning and skill. She loves the thrill and allure of keeping the sporty action at its peak. Their gift of predicting maximum action is a key success factor – because capturing this top action requires not only knowledge but also timing.

In this way, she manages seemingly effortlessly to capture the impact point of a golf ball, the maximum jump height of a dancer or the completed stroke of a kickboxer. The fact that the sporty active people photographer pays attention not only to the perfect execution of the movements but also to the appropriate emotions is the special advantage of her expressive sports photographs.