Portrait Photography


The Fine Art of Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is more than just a snapshot of a face. It is about grasping the essence of a person's identity and attitude. A task that People photographer Ines Thomsen always masters with a great deal of empathy. In order to create real feelings and create a high degree of authenticity, she gets to know her customers in personal conversations. In doing so, she sensitively paints linguistic images that trigger immediate emotions in people and become immediately visible in the portrait photos.

Portrait photography must trigger feelings

The goal of Ines Thomsen is to capture a person's characteristic facial features without covering the personality with photographic tricks. She invites her clients to close their eyes and think of beautiful, funny or exciting moments during portrait shoots. After reopening the eyes after a few breaths, the passionate People photographer can read the desired emotion in the face. And it is at this very real moment that she presses the trigger.

Real moments are the key to exceptional portraits

It is precisely these moments that make the difference – which ensures that the person portrayed shows his soul and communicates with its viewers. So people in the portrait photos   of Ines Thomsen seem to talk directly to you – you can literally feel what they want to tell you. Whether through individual beauty or nature of the person portrayed – their specific message arrives clearly.