Travel photography makes other cultures visible

When it comes to travel photography, Ines Thomsen is not primarily concerned with discovering beautiful areas and exotic places, but much more to her personal need to get to know new people and other cultures. She takes her time for this, because the passionate people photographer likes to capture interpersonal similarities and intercultural differences. In doing so, she knows how to capture intimate moments without taking away anything from her privacy. For Ines Thomsen, travel photography is therefore an effective tool for telling true stories and creating awareness and understanding of other cultures, communities and countries.

Travel photos are meant to connect people and give memories

During a world tour, Ines Thomsen focused on bringing people in front of their lenses who live far away from Western technology and who have no way of having pictures taken of themselves. With INSTAX instant pictures she gave many people not only her very first photo of herself, but also a very special memory. A reminder of a family member, a friend, a place, or a feeling. The love and gratitude she received in return for her travel photos is still priceless for her to this day.

The very special kind of travel photography

As a passionate photographer, Ines Thomsen can't help but capture idyllic landscapes, rare animals and spectacular sunsets on her travels. However, her travel photos are not the result of hours of observation, because for a perfect picture she does not wait for the optimal position of the sun or for a certain scenery. For Ines Thomsen, a perfect picture is created only if it conveys a unique mood and a very special feeling – and you can't wait for that. You have to experience the moment, you have to recognize it and express it at the right moment. And that's exactly what she's doing.