Ines Thomsen Photography


Business & Corporate

With her effective business portraits, professional photographer Ines Thomsen gives a company a face. Their business photos convey professionalism, sympathy and trust and act as a visual door opener that provides an immediate insight into the respective corporate world. 


Portrait photography is more than just a snapshot of a face. It is about grasping the essence of a person's identity and attitude. Real feelings, individual personality and a high degree of authenticity are therefore always in the foreground in the portrait photos of People photographer Ines Thomsen. 

Explicit & Boudoir

Glamorous, elegant, sensual and sexy, Ines Thomsen stages aesthetic explicit and boudoir scenes, for which she skilfully combines elements of portrait, high fashion and fine art photography. To capture the particular crackling, she creates a place of intimacy where people can move freely in front of their camera.


With a lot of patience, an extra dose of fun and a collaboration on an equal footing, Ines Thomsen creates magical moments during campaign shoots with children. The  True joy and the real emotions that she captures playfully become directly visible and resonate accurately in the brand DNA of her customers.

Lifestyle & Sports

The right visual language is the most important prerequisite for successful communication! With contemporary photographs, Ines Thomsen creates a particularly high attention factor for fashion bloggers, sports labels and lifestyle brands, which leads to instantaneous interactions in both online and print campaigns.

Fashion & Commercial

With effective fashion, product and advertising photography, Ines Thomsen captures the brand identity of her customers and tells photographic stories that touch. She sees it as her task with her pictures to convey exactly the emotions that her clients want to sell with their products. 

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