Ines Thomsen

Ines Thomsen is an Austrian photographer who was born in Linz in 1984. She has been professionally active for several years in a quest for unique, previously unseen and spectacular photos for her clients in advertising, fashion and social responsibility projects. This involves not only technique but especially the positive energy that connects Ines to her compositions and subjects. Her photographs employ this special creative tension to give expression to the natural, uninhibited, profound and often imperceptible beauty of a subject.
Ines began her career for deeply personal reasons: a tumor diagnosis at age 23. The then-flight attendant determined to give her life a new meaning and to do only what would truly give her pleasure. Following her recovery, she attended the Prager Photo School and participated in international workshops.

n addition to portrait, lifestyle and corporate photography, her specialties also include work in the fascinating world of kids fashion. To win the hearts of children, to capture their emotions and joy, the photographer must often face unusually demanding sessions. DAS BIN iCH, a new project where Ines takes pictures of breast cancer patients as a platform for them to express their beauty and strength.

Some of these patients, in turn, experience these sessions to have therapeutic benefits.The collective DAS BIN iCH has won the "2020 My Aid" award for the outstanding work they have done. Listening, patience, understanding, pleasure and the highest standards are the values that mark working with Ines.

These strong values are one of the reasons why Ines Thomsen was included in the select circle of "FUJIFILM X-Photographers" in 2016. The switch to the compact camera from FUJIFILM is justified by the ideal combination of professionalism, quality and lightness:


"Thanks to the professional compact system from FUJIFILM, I photograph differently – much more freely – and gain new perspectives. The efficient technology of the light and very stylish camera, the first-class sensor and the excellent electronic viewfinder are therefore a lot of fun when taking pictures. In addition, the compact systems always allow me to keep in touch with the people in front of my camera – and that is the key to a perfect image for me."

Behind the Scenes