Ines Thomsen

Ines Thomsen is more than just a professional photographer. She is a mentor, ambassador, companion, friend, motivator and sometimes a kind of therapist. The sum of these personal and sensitive facets makes her work very special. Her quest to capture the essence of the personality of each model and convey real emotions is the guarantee of success of her unique images and expressive campaigns.
National and international customers in the fields of advertising, fashion and free art appreciate this special feeling and sensitivity of the People photographer, who was born in Linz in 1984. Because Ines Thomsen is not only about technology, but much more about a positive, interpersonal crackle that arises between her and her models. Out of this particular field of tension, she succeeds in expressing the natural, unarticulated and often unperceived profound beauty of a motif.

The passion and love of photography, which is palpable in each of her pictures and her claim to always capture real emotions, resulted from a deeply personal reason: a tumor diagnosis at the age of 23. The flight attendant at the time decided to give her life a new meaning and only do what she really enjoys. After her recovery, she realized her long-cherished dream and attended the Prague Photography School as well as international workshops with renowned photographers such as the New York portrait guru Peter Hurley.

Since then, she has virtually stopped putting her camera out of her hands and is inspiring customers worldwide with her captivating portrait, beauty, lifestyle and fashion photography. Her gift of listening and reading between the lines, her unbridled patience, her great understanding, her infectious enthusiasm, her unbroken professionalism and her high standards characterize the collaboration with Ines Thomsen.

These strong values are one of the reasons why Ines Thomsen was included in the select circle of "FUJIFILM X-Photographers" in 2016. The switch to the compact camera from FUJIFILM is justified by the ideal combination of professionalism, quality and lightness:

"Thanks to the professional compact system from FUJIFILM, I photograph differently – much more freely and unneeded – and gain new perspectives. The efficient technology of the light and very stylish camera, the first-class sensor and the excellent electronic viewfinder are therefore a lot of fun when taking pictures. In addition, the compact systems always allow me to keep in touch with the people in front of my camera – and that is the key to a perfect image for me."

Behind the Scenes